Bachelorette Party ABC Game

The ABC game is one more opportunity you have in terms of bachelorette party fun and entertainment. This game is a traditional one and most people have played one version of it or another.

The game is very easy to play but it will challenge the teams that decide to participate.  It requires little preparation in advance and everyone will have lots of fun for at least a portion of the bachelorette party.

The rules of ABC game remain simple and unchanged. At the same time, the selection of a theme can diversify the game and turn it into something very fun.

How to Play the ABC Game?
The ABC game has easy to follow rules. As its name suggests, guests will have to come up with words or phrases following the letters in the alphabet.

The bride-to-be should be allowed to start the game. She will determine the theme and the first person to start. The theme could be practically anything – names of musicians, actors, movies, the names of countries or cities.

The first person to participate in the game will have to give a specific name that starts with an A. The next person should continue with a B. people who are incapable of producing a word with the specified letter leave the game. The last lady standing becomes the winner of the ABC game.

Game Variations
To provoke team spirit and to make the game more enjoyable, you can modify the basic rules.

Print out a sheet that features all of the letters from the alphabet. Have an empty cell next to each letter, giving the guests to write down the specific name.

Divide the ladies into several teams. Choose the theme of the game. Let the bride-to-be select a letter. The girls will have to write the name in the empty cell next to the selected letter. Once the game is over, the teams will have to read their suggestions. The team that manages to come up with the biggest number of accepted names becomes the winner of a special bachelorette party award.

Themes to Choose
The ABC game has one great advantage over other bachelorette party activities – it can be customized to correspond to the specific occasion.

One way to play is to come up with words connected to weddings and honeymoons. For example, A will be for ‘aisle,’ B is going to be for ‘bride,’ C is the letter for chapel or ceremony. Let the more creative team win.

The ABC game can have any other theme. You can make it a naughty one, if you want the girls to have a truly great time. Try to come up with erotic and sexual terms and test the knowledge of the ladies in such affairs. Naturally, the award for the winner should correspond to the theme of the game.

Playing the ABC game during a bachelorette party is a guarantee of a truly great time. Print out the sheets, choose the theme of the game and give the ladies a change to get really competitive. Enjoy!