Bachelorette Party Trivia

Trivia games and quizzes can entertain the guests of the bachelorette party. It takes some creativity and the selection of the right questions to make this game a very exciting one.

A trivia quiz can be personal or it can focus on widely known facts and celebrities. Choose a theme that corresponds to the type of the party and that will intrigue the guests and the bride-to-be.

You can come up with your own bachelorette party trivia quizzes. You know the bride-to-be well. Focus the game on her life, favorite activities and hobbies.

Childhood Trivia
How well do the bachelorette party guests know the bride-to-be? Prepare a childhood trivia quiz and ask the questions during the party. Naturally, the lady who manages to answer most questions right will become the winner of the game.

Some of the questions could focus on the childhood of the bride-to-be. Come up with some embarrassing and fun moments – the first time she feel in love with a schoolmate, her first kiss, the first time she got in a fight and her favorite childhood game.

This game will bring back dear memories and will get all of the ladies emotional. The bachelorette party trivia quiz is a suitable one for a clean bachelorette party.

How Well does the Bride Know the Groom?
You can create a quiz that will test the degree to which the bride-to-be knows her future husband.

Before the bachelorette party takes place, write a series of questions and let the groom answer those. Ask him about his favorite band, color and food. Inquire about his favorite band. Focus on his childhood and the love story with the bride-to-be.

Let the girls have some drinks and once everyone is feeling comfortable, have the bride-to-be answer the questions. She will have to drink a cocktail for each question that she gets wrong.

Naughty Bachelorette Party Trivia
Are you trying to get the atmosphere heated up? Prepare a naughty bachelorette party trivia quiz.

Let the guests answer questions about the foolish and impulsive naughty things that the bride-to-be has done.

Unleash your imagination. All of you know her well. Ask the girls about the year when she got her first kiss, the name of her boyfriend, the naughtiest thing that the bride-to-be has done with a boyfriend or a date.

This type of trivia game is suitable solely for groups that know each other intimately and that feel perfectly comfortable sharing private information. Think carefully before selecting this type of quiz.

Famous Couples
The famous couples trivia quiz will get everyone involved, including the bride-to-be. Ladies should get some small, symbolic awards for each question that is answered right.

Prepare a list of famous couples. As the game starts, say the name of one person in the couple. Guests should guess the name of the other celebrity in the couple. Some possible famous couples include Seal and Heidi Klum, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, John Travolta and Kelly Preston, Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith.

These are just several bachelorette party trivia ideas. You can come up with your own quizzes. Make them highly specialized or select an unusual theme, as long as you know that it will interest bachelorette party guests.